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"What does the kit come with and will it work with my bike?"

WILL ACTIVE SPOKE WORK WITH MY WHEEL?...Review your REAR wheel spoke pattern. Does
it have a radial spoke pattern on the non-drive side of the rear wheel? IF YES - you're all set !

With a radial pattern, you can install Active Spoke on rear wheels with a rim section of up to
50mm (While 404s work fine, we have used using Zipp 808 with a measure of success... but
the effect is limited..

If you have a radial spoke pattern on the NON-DRIVE side of your rear wheel, this is ideal.

If you have spokes that cross over are not ideal and may make the wheel response become sluggish.
Measure if the length between the cross and the rim has 9" of travel (as shown). Spoke patterns that
have a cross over close to the hub may meet this requirement. Frog-Foot patterns and hubs with a
wide flange, will not have 9" of travel, will not operate effectively and are not recommended.

1. To install Active-Spoke, you do not need to remove any spokes. The Active-Spoke weight set slots
over the spoke and securely bolts together over the spoke.
2. Active-Spoke must be installed on the Non=drive side of the rear wheel. Even if the drive side has a
radial spoke pattern and 9" of travel, keep the installation on the non-drive side.
3. Certain wheels have spoke patterns with a gap at the cross over (e.g.Shimano). These gap sizes
vary based on the wheel model. Unless the gap between the spokes is more than 1/3" (8mm) apart,
remain with the basic rule of 9" or more of free, clear travel on the spoke.

If your spoke pattern has a minimum of 9" of travel, you're all set.

When ordering:

1. Note if you have BLADED or ROUND / OVAL spokes. When ordering, select the correct
2. Active Spoke comes with SIX weights. These weights can be installed in various
configurations depending on the number of spokes on your wheel:

6 or 12 spokes on the NON-DRIVE side                  8 or 16 spokes on non-drive side

14 spokes on the NON-DRIVE side                          10 spokes on non-drive side

You're not restricted to using SIX weights. For example, if you have 10 spokes on the non-drive side,
you could place FIVE weights on each alternate spoke.

ACTIVE SPOKE comes standard with the ELITE and PRO spring sets. This will cover the
majority of needs. If you're average speed is below 15mph, contact us for the SPORT spring
Trials have shown that the average speed for a course is the most appropriate calibration for the
spring tension and weights.

Based on your average speed,
  • SPORT Spring Tension - for average speeds of less than 16mph
  • ELITE Spring Tension - for average speeds of between 17 and 23mph
  • Pro Spring Tension - for average speeds of between 21 and 26mph

Once you receive the kit, use the installation procedure in the instruction manual to fine
tune the weights to match your specific average speed for a specific course (by adding or
removing weight from the weight sets...)

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to
email us.
Six weight sets - each set comprising of 3 x 1/2oz weights
Six split bolts with associated nuts
Six ELITE springs (Average speed of 17 or 23 mph)
Six PRO  springs (Average 21 to 26 mph)
Printed Instruction manual

When ordering please choose between the BLADED or Round/Oval weight options.