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January  27-30, 2008
Tarryan Technologies LLC launched the Active-Spoke bicycle wheel add-on at a luncheon reception for over 350 delegates
attending the SICI annual conference. "The response was incredible" said Russ Kalil, CEO of Tarryan Technologies. The
company's objective was to raise awareness. By offering evaluation units to key industry leaders, Tarryan hopes to obtain end user
feedback, stimulate discussion for further product enhancements and ultimately establish the credentials for the Active-Spoke
product. "We exceeded our goals and expectations", said Kalil. "We had in-depth interviews by three major industry magazines
and provided over 15 evaluation kits to selected universities, coaching directors, web site editors and /or industry leaders." Team
member, Dr Joseph Voelkel of RIT, presented the Active-Spoke Roll-Down study abstract and by conference closure, the team
agreed, the reception of this - some called it - radical, Active-Spoke technology has provided interesting perspectives, vibrant
discussion and a platform that will hopefully lead to new academic initiatives and benefits for cyclists everywhere.
Russ explains the product as a reporter
video tapes Active-Spoke in action.
By using a STROBE, customers were
able to view the weight movement in a
static fashion - begin able to easily
distinguish the various spring tensions
and weight combinations.
Joe Friel (right) comments on the 'proof of
concept' disc wheel that John Cobb (left) was
kind enough to build for Tarryan
Technologies for the SICI conference.
Dirk Friel (left photo) and Russ Kalil (right photo - back to us), supported by Bev Kalil and Caitlin
Lowie of Pinckney Hugo, present the product concept to interested conference delegates.
USAT Commissioner of Officials, Charlie Crawford rules
Active Spoke is legal for USA Triathlon sanctioned events.
February 18, 2008:
Today, USAT Commissioner of Officials, Charlie Crawford communicated to Tarryan
Technologies, the holding company of, that he had completed his review of the
Active Spoke product. "Based upon all the information on your website and upon my discussion
with a scientist at MIT, I find that the Active-Spoke kit when used on a bicycle wheel as directed,
does not violate any of the USA Triathlon Competitive Rules and is legal for use in events
sanctioned by USA Triathlon.", he stated. Russ Kalil, CEO of Tarryan Technologies, LLC
responded by sincerely thanking the USAT for the professional and diligent manner in which they
conducted their review. "We are proud to be a part of the triathlon community. So many
triathletes were awaiting the outcome of this decision. We're delighted to be able to enter the
market with the confidence that athletes can not only train but also race with our Active Spoke
product under the USAT rules."