The Active-Spoke add-on product does not require any new riding skills or equipment. It will install on
an existing rear bicycle wheel. The product supports  round, oval and bladed spoked wheels with a
radial spoke pattern on the non-drive side of the rear wheel.

Active-Spoke components (or sets) attach to an existing spoke without removing or adjusting the spoke
itself. Three sections, each weighing ½ oz., have slots to allow them to slide over the spoke and bolt
together. They are designed so the slots do not align, thus ensuring a reliable attachment to the spoke.

Individual cyclists perform at different levels.  For example, an elite rider may climb at 20mph while
other riders may climb the same hill at 15mph. By designing the Active-Spoke product in three
sections, a rider can change the outward calibration (or centrifugal force rate) with ease. By removing
the MID section, the weight will be reduced from 1.5oz to 1oz – requiring a higher rotational speed to
move it outward toward the rim.

Typical configurations are shown below ( ELITE SPRING set).

To ensure weights are not out at the rim when climbing, the set configurations must be
matched to the rider’s ability. Experience in field trials have shown that the most
appropriate combination to use is determined by the overall average speed for the
course being ridden – not the speed for a specific climb.
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Radial Spoke pattern
(no cross overs)